Attention people who want to live with purpose and passion

Start Living Your Big Dream by Getting Clear on What That Is, How to Get There, and Who to Go There With

Make a Big Splash in the Dash of Your Life


The great dreamer Henry Ford once said, “The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what it is one’s dream to do. And then do it.”

A few years ago, my friends Steve and Tara Connell in New Zealand introduced me to a book titled “Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Live” written by Andy and Janine Mason. Not only were Steve and Tara personal friends of the authors, but they led several dream seminars in New Zealand using resources associated with the book.

Like Steve and Tara, I found when people talk about their dreams, they typically light up and express a passion that may otherwise be hidden.

Let me share a brief excerpt from Chapter 1 of the Dream Culture book:

“God has a dream and wrapped your body around it.” – Lou Engle

How would it feel to have someone not only believe in you and your dreams, but also work alongside you to help those dreams become reality? What would it be like if we lived in a community where everyone was intentionally seeking to encourage and empower one another to discover their purpose and live their dream? We believe that kind of community is possible and it starts with you and me. So what is your dream and how can we help you live it well.

Our dream is to catalyze a Global Dream Culture where people everywhere join together in community to help one another succeed in life – life as God made us to live it. It’s a culture full of courage to face the impossible, love the overcomes fear, and the tangible Presence and Power of God that make the supernatural a daily experience. It’s a culture where people genuinely know and commit to help one another discover the gold God put in each of us – then to walk alongside each other to see the fullness of that gold expressed.

Empowering DreamsThat is my passion – creating a movement empowering dreams of millions of people. And it starts with you.

Your Big Dream is what you and you alone were created to do. It is composed of many smaller dreams, which are steps along your journey of life. Dreams are your target – what you are aiming for. Dreams are like goals, but tend to be bigger.

Let me ask. Do you want help:

  • Establishing direction and developing a vision of the future and strategies for producing the changes needed to achieve that vision?
  • Aligning yourself with the strategies and goals that are set to accomplish your dream?
  • Being motivated, inspired, and energized to overcome barriers and roadblocks that might come your way?
  • Walking in your dream with a results- oriented focus?

If so, let me introduce you to …

The Master’s Dream Academy

The World’s Premier Online Training Center and Community to Empower Dreams of People Globally

In a nutshell, the Master’s Dream Academy is an opportunity to:

  • Get clear on your Big Dream, share it, and have others speak life into that
  • Establish clear 90 day goals, one year goals, and five year goals
  • Receive support, encouragement, and accountability to move forward with your Big Dream
  • Belong to an inspiring, supportive, enabling community.

Some of our goals are to help you:

  • Expand your thinking and possibilities
  • Breakthrough financially and personally
  • Build your business know-how faster and with less trial and error
  • Receive divine guidance for business strategies and development of essential skills
  • Be more confident in your abilities and calling
  • Maintain the enthusiasm and energy to work through your challenges
  • Sharpen your leadership and communication skills
  • Achieve your goals faster


How the Master’s Dream Academy Works

This is a training and equipping program with a minimum 3-month commitment.

During the first 12 weeks (3 months), you will be taken through the 12 stages of The Dream Launch. The purpose of this is to help you get clear on your Big Dream, your purpose, and your goals. That will sever like a compass — your true north — for the rest of your life.

If you choose to continue on after the inital three months, your next three months of training will focus on coaching you to be a good steward with your time, home, habits, and heart.

Each week, you will receive an email with a few action steps to complete to help you get clear and provide coaching for you.

Once a month, we will have a live virtual group coaching/training session. We will meet virtually via webinar.

You will be taught early on how to journal to hear God’s voice and rest in Him so you can experience God in extraordinary ways for extraordinary fruit.

We will have a private member site and a private Facebook group to build stronger community.